In October 2017 a Rainbow Parade providing voice to LGBT/other sexual minorities and allies (people who empathize with and support sexual minorities) will land in central Sapporo, presented by the Sapporo Rainbow March+ Organizing Committee.

Although nowadays awareness of sexual minorities has come a long ways as we more and more see the word “LGBT” covered in the media, prejudice still exists.
Many people continue to be treated unfairly at school and the workplace, suffering as they hide their true selves or pretend to be someone they are not.

At the root of prejudice is lack of understanding.
Not limited to the topic of sexuality, it is understanding our diversity as humans that lays the foundation for a warm and welcoming society free of prejudice and discrimination.

By marching downtown through the populous city of Sapporo we aim to make society more aware of sexual minorities.
Moreover we wish to proclaim that each and every person, regardless of whether or not they are viewed as a minority, has the right to live freely as their sincere self.

Also importantly we will send a message to those suffering internally in isolation that they are not alone and that it is perfectly alright to live life as their true selves.

Our dream is to achieve a kind society where you can live comfortably no matter who you are.

We hold this parade as the embodiment of this hope!

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