■ Parade Date: Oct. 8, 2017
■ Location: Central Sapporo ( Parade Route )


じぶんにプラス みんなにプラス

We will parade through downtown Sapporo for about one hour.
All are welcome to join, regardless of sexual orientation.

Love yourself for who you are, know it is ok to be you.
May everyone recognize others for who they and embrace a freer society.

Sapporo Rainbow March+ is coming to town Oct. 8, 2017!


Sapporo Rainbow March+ is a new organization separate from past parade organizer Rainbow March Sapporo.

The organizing committee consists of 11 members - many of whom did not have the opportunity to participate in past Sapporo pride parades - who are working hard to make this event a reality.
We may not be able to throw a march quite near the scale of past years but feel it important to make the parade as big as we can.

Thank you for your support!


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▼ 6/12/2017 English Website is now available!

▼ 6/2/2017 Crowdfunding is now open for donations!
         *Crowdfunding has now closed. Thank you for your kind support!

▼ 4/30/2017 Launched Sapporo Rainbow March+ website!

▼ 12/9/2016 Formed the Organizing Committee!

▼ 11/26/2016 Held Organizing Committee Orientation Session *thanks for coming!

▼ 11/13/2016 Planning Orientation Session for Organizing Committee!

▼ 11/8/2016 Now recruiting members for the Organizing Committee! *event over


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